3 comments on “Prejudice, ignorance, and diversity

  1. I applaud your empathy, Beez, and think that you are right in terms of the categories. I have been in a similar position, when a friend came out trans, of explaining it to folks who were trying to understand, and explaining how certain statements could be hurtful. I’ve also been the one explaining to the trans friend that they had lots of time to understand themselves, and that certain people didn’t mean to be insulting; they were just trying to absorb and contextualise.

    That being said, I disagree that all ignorance is not an -ist or an -ism. If someone demands that their stance, their ignorance, is a reason to deny someone else an opportunity or a right, that means they stand with the hate. People are entitled to their beliefs; they are not entitled to use it against other people or to deny other people an opportunity at a full life. ie. It is sexist to deny a woman a job because she has children and might have to miss work to care for them. It is homophobic to deny consenting adults the opportunity to marry another consenting adult who happens to be the same sex because of personal beliefs. It is racist to assume that someone of a certain ethnic background would be a detriment to a country because of the location of their birth, the colour of the skin or the religion they ascribe to (or don’t). But we see this constantly.

    Personally, I am starting to tire of ignorance, particularly in Australia, where there is good access to media of both persuasions and good libraries and internet access readily available for people to research. Wilful ignorance hurts modern society greatly.

    This was a good post Beez. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I never said that ignorance is not an -ist or -ism, and if I in any way inferred that, it was not my intent.
      I do agree that ignorance as a choice is different to ignorance due to lack of education or opportunity. Perhaps this is a fourth category?


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