2 comments on “Guardians of the Galaxy and my superhero team

  1. Really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy too, and Groot was my favourite. What is it about limitedly-verbal heroes?

    I like your team, but I am get so frustrated that so many comic books can’t have women without next to nothing on, or clothes so tight they would be ridiculous to fight in. I wish I knew more about the heroes you’ve listed: seems like a powderkeg. 😉


  2. I like your list…it’s well thought out. Perhaps you’ll like mine as well.

    Mr. Terrific- genious, analyst, tactician, hand to hand combatant.
    Beast boy- shape shifter, impulsive, unpredictable, land air or sea combatant.
    The Wasp- highly intuitive, outside of the box thinker. Powerful giant, or flea sized.
    Zatanna- genetically gifted sorceress with flight, and fighting skills, among others.
    Wonder woman- powehouse. Child of the gods, resistant to magic, perfect warrior.
    Nightwing- trained by the Dark Knight. Thinker, amazing fighter, deliberate, methodical.
    Warlock- techno organic alien lifeform without quantifiable limits. Unpredictable.

    Cheers, m8


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